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Looks like everyones online

Are you Regular?

I mean, are you regular on your Social Media of course. J  Why is it so important to be regular? Mostly because it shows...
little acorns

Be Positive, Promote better.

“Nothing exciting, very small, just <insert type> business”I have been networking intensively over the past year with my business and have heard this numerous...
Target with STOMP

Visualize your Target!

Can you visualize your target?  You approached your business with fervour and knew you needed a business plan, stock, premises and staff.  You're sitting...
likes on facebook

Facebook Like, Follow Pages and Get Notifications: What is the difference?

I have recently been asked the difference between Like and Follow Pages on Facebook and it is a very good question. Due to people...
what you know and who you know STOMP

It’s not What you know, but Who you know!

We have all heard it before!  "It's not what you know, but who you know".  Something that is very noticeable in Ireland certainly.  Since...
IrishBizParty Logo

What is a Twitter Party?

Twitter Party...have you come across them yet? I suppose I was a late bloomer to them but they are pretty easy to pick up.Let's...
test updates on facebook STOMP

The End of Like and Share on Facebook?

What a statement.  The end of Like and Share on Facebook!  That is what Facebook have basically done with their new algorithm last month.For...
With thanks to www.business2community.com for the image in use for this article Social Media in the '00s with STOMP Marketing and PR

Social Media in 00’s was Forums

We think that Social Media has only been around since the entry of Facebook and the way the words "Social Media" has been coined...

Blazing a Promotional Trail with Tail Trails

When I met Darina and Alison in one of their houses in Wicklow , I was welcomed straight away by a couple of dogs and...
Snugglepuff Crafts

Being Memorable

Services have the more arduous task of getting themselves to Business Events and Networking Events in my opinion. They have no products that stay...


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