Everything has its’ Season

everything has its season STOMP

Its the nearly the end of the first month of 2014 and like most Sole Traders I am beginning to appreciate there is a Season for my business!

I was exceptionally busy the last quarter of last year, but as a start up I did expect that to be honest.  The novelty of being a new business, the opportunity to go to Networking Meetings, etc now however I have had a very slow month all in which in fairness I needed as I fluctuated between bad health and a house move.

My clients have also had  a very quiet month, so maybe its just sheer exhaustion after the massive push for Christmas?  I need to learn the trends for each industry including my own and that only comes with time.  I have learnt so much already about my strengths and weaknesses and will just have to make a push harder into training.  My Business Plan is getting on OK and when that is completed I hope to qualify for some funding but will just have to see how get on with that.

I am averaging about 4 enquiries a week from new clients so am delighted with that.  Most of my clients are just wanting one day training or reminding on things which is easy enough to arrange and fit in.  I am definitely seeing a scope for that and I make myself available afterwards by phone / email which is great reassurance to them.

My most popular posts by far on my Facebook page is my Monthly Showcasing, I am delighted to offer something that obviously is needed for local Co Wicklow Businesses.  I am currently only getting enquiries from very local businesses, but would like to extend my offer to other parts like Wicklow Town, Arklow, Bray and areas all around in between.  I first want to support Start-Ups, Sole Traders and SME’s in Co Wicklow as that is my target audience but have already extended to as far as Portmarnock for one of my clients so I feel I can support most businesses equally in the Leinster area.

The first year for any business is the hardest but I am very lucky to have the support of my family and friends and have got myself some great clients thus far.