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Training at STOMP

Since November 2013, I have been training people on a one to one basis and in groups to improve their knowledge in how to use their Social Media for business.  Sometimes you just need a few pointers or even a complete redirection and more motivation.  Whatever your requirements are, I can come to you and provide the training required.  All follow up by email/phone is free afterwards for one month if you have any queries after our appointment.

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    STOMP Service Offers


Content Curation and Image Design

I am not a graphic designer but I am a dab hand at Canva!  If you would like a poster for an event or some images for a blog you are doing, please let me know.  I charge per item and if it’s not too complex or time consuming I charge very reasonably!  If I go on a monthly retainer basis it’s even fairer!  Please see examples of some of the work I have done below:

Ciaras Party Bags FB header Fashion Outfitter poster predict create Womens Inspire Network Samantha Kelly and Tom Williams Present SMSummitIRL

Social Media Management

I also offer management of your Social Media platforms on a retainer basis and can free up your time!

I first discuss your requirements and prepare a 6 week to 3 month Content Plan and Content Schedule.  To this end I would require a full understanding from you of what you are looking to get out of this management.  A client profile(s) will need to be discussed also. The following options are available with ongoing management: Event planning to a goal time frame, ongoing management of weekly posts,  Holiday or Sickness cover.  Or indeed a combination of these.  The agreement would be for 3 months initially and then on a month by month basis.

I would also be happy to arrange all of your Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn Ads.

Please contact me and I can arrange for a  quotation for you.  Skype training is also available at pre-arranged times.

Marketing at STOMP

I can suggest the best places to promote your business in the appropriate channels, for example “Plumbers based in Bray” will be marketed as local in that area (Co. Wicklow, Co. Westmeath, etc) and surrounding areas and will be put into local listings and placed into suitable relevant local pages.  I can offer creative critique for design for letter headers, business cards and flyers as part of my service.

Public Relations at STOMP

How your company is projected makes all the difference.  If you need to give lots of information out in order to explain your business to the public – you need to do it in such a way that you are not overloading them with content.  I help streamline your content and make it more user friendly.  I work with a reputable Press Release company who will get your business out there for you!

Event Planning and Co-ordination

I also offer Event Planning and Co-ordination as part of my service and can help prepare for/at public events and be there on the day to oversee things, whilst you continue to promote the business and respond to clients questions.  I can liaise with the venue on your behalf and arrange for suitable extra staff if required.  I will also source any special equipment if required.

If you would rather arrange your own event and are looking people to help you on the day, myself and a few trusted and well honed colleagues are on hand to help you for either an hourly or daily rate, dependent on your requirements.  For full details of staff and backgrounds, please contact me.

Training Consulting Managing


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