What is a Twitter Party?

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Twitter Party…have you come across them yet? I suppose I was a late bloomer to them but they are pretty easy to pick up.

Let’s do a question and answer and see what you think of them?

Most industries have them, finding the right ones are the trick though. How do you find out which one is the right one?

There are Twitter parties for beauty, conferences, hotels, events, books, pretty much most things to be honest. They can be found by trending lists, Google searches or just recommendations too.

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Lots of events have a hashtag (#) so people can “Live Tweet” the event in the hope of course that they trend. I take part in #Irishbizparty fairly regularly and it is a very well known Irish Business hashtag made popular by Samantha Kelly also known as the Tweeting Goddess. I have met Samantha a few times now and is a very easy person to get along with. When she does her Twitter parties on a Wednesday night between 9-11pm it regularly trends as so many people are tweeting at the same time with the hashtag.

What is the benefit of Tweeting?

It is normally targeted at your profiled audience of choice and fortunately people outside of it (if you hashtag properly) also get to hear about you too.  If you make your tweet to the point and amusing it also raises its chances of be retweeted to others followers. You can mention all of your #social #media pages, events coming up, website and discounts on this incredibly fast and FREE medium and generate brand awareness and a client base.

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How often must I do it to benefit from it?

Honestly, you have to tweet very regularly, several times a day and find your customers responding at the right times of day. People tend to check their twitter accounts first thing on the way into work/getting up in the morning, mid morning break, lunch, mid afternoon, on the way home and after 6:30pm most days but that can change depending on social factors, weather, big national event etc. It can take time to learn when best to contact your client base but until you do, you must tweet informative content and on a regular basis.

I don’t have time to post that often!

Very true, most people don’t including me and probably Sam too! Even though it is our business to be online most of the day, we still have clients to see, training to do and provide and the once in a while family time/meal things going on… I personally use Buffer, Hootesuite and Twuffer (as I or my clients prefer to use) and I use my iPhone to respond on during the day using the FREE Twitter app. You can put all your tweets for the week/few days and then set some time aside for eating now and then. 🙂

Top Tips:

Type #Irishbizparty or what ever hashtag you intend to follow in the Search bar of your Twitter account.

Check through Top Tweets by all means but you may miss some real conversations!

Click on All Tweets and Retweet people who are asking for it and “heart” others if you acknowledge, understand or agree with what they say.

Make sure you comment too!  Ask people to visit your website/Facebook Page.  Look at an offer etc.  Also just chat with people too, ask about their day and what they have coming up…

Stay within the 140 characters without making it 2 hrd 2 read. Text speak is OK but don’t reduce the whole content of the tweet to it, its annoying, unprofessional and unclear when people just flick through them.

Use an amusing, emotive image. Normally a bright image or something that makes you feel something when looking at it (happy, reminiscent,etc)

Don’t be afraid to repeat tweets on occasion if it gives you the right results, do it again!

Don’t forget you were successful in your business before tweeting, remember to still respond and interact with your clients in the real world, clients have got used to contact with you in that way, so don’t drop it for in favour of Twitter!

Have fun!


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