BLOGGERCONF Takeaways for the Blogger

Takeaways for the Blogger - Boggerconf

Bloggerconf was brilliant!  It was my first trip to it and I wasn’t disappointed.  I sadly missed the first couple of people as I woke up late but was scribbling madly from the time I got there!

Kirstie McDermott, Editor, of STELLAR Magazine was about to speak when I arrived.  She was extremely engaging and although she comes from a more traditional background, she clearly demonstrated a knowledge of the other channels.  One great take away she gave us was she had noticed a lot of bloggers had moved their blog from their website to Snapchat.  The concern she had was first of all there was no SEO to come from this and that their content would be gone forever.  Secondly, Snapchat maybe a channel that is favoured now but it may drop out of favour in months or years to come and there is no way of transferring this content to another channel at a later date (unless of course you download your story every day and put it up in Youtube like some people do).  It is a position I understand of Kirstie’s but some people could be downloading or possibly repurposing their material and using other channels to dish it out.

Debbie O’Donnell, series Producer of Xpose, TV3 was quite punchy and to the point in her presentation, a quality I quite admire!  She was there to explain tricks of the trade to bring a blogger to capable broadcaster in a few easy steps.  This could also include you going into a TV studio, not just at home.

Points to Remember

  • Exaggerate – step out of your comfort zone. Use your hands and move more
  • Intonate – make sure your voice rises and lowers and say words clearly (enunciate)
  • Project yourself – don’t mumble
  • Body language – look and feel comfortable and keep your eyes level
  • Speech – your language says who you are.  Use only words you understand
  • The grammar police are out – speaks for it self!
  • Autocue app – you can download a cheap one onto your iPad
  • Natural light is your friend, reduces shadows
  • TV makeup – be HD friendly. HD TV sees everything!
  • Dressing for TV, you might have a green or blue screen behind you, don’t where these colours or anything too busy


Keith Browning came next from LinkedIn and from the talk in the room later, this was a hotly anticipated presentation.  He didn’t disappoint either, the only criticism I would make is he wasn’t given long enough.  He managed to squeeze out a lot of content and if I didn’t have my phone/camera with me I would have missed loads.  I have typed out his points and made it a checklist it was so good!  See below.

LinkedIn Profile Check List

I was delighted to make this talk and will definitely try and see him again when he pops up at a network!

David and Steven Flynn from The Happy Pear bounced on the stage and explained how their business started up and what their aspirations were for the future.  This is the first time I have seen them outside of the shop in Greystones and their energy is extremely infectious.  They are well recognised for their social media efforts and have recently had to outsource in order to keep up with their ever growing business!  They said that the sunrise images that is such a well known part of their brand actually happened entirely by accident.  One of the brothers was walking on the beach on a very early summer morning and took a picture of the sunrise and put it up their business page.  It received so many likes and comments that they continued to do it and still do 12 years later!  Great for brand imagery.

Steven and David Flynn

Steven and David Flynn

The Happy Pear Bloggerconf

Networking Coffee break

Was a bit of a Busmans Holiday but it was great to meet with my “Digi-mates”

Michelle, Melanie and Anne-Marie

Michelle, Melanie and Anne-MarieMichelle Duffy Rudden (L) of  Breffni Digital and Anne-Marie Ni Beachain (R)

Melanie and Krishna De

Melanie and Krishna De

In fairness there was several speakers after this but I didn’t get down very extensive notes!  However, there was one young lady who left a lasting impression on me and that was:

Sinead Burke Bloggerconf

Sinead Burke aka Minnie Melange, her address was entitled “The Internet gave me a voice and now I can’t be silenced”.  She was hilarious and very relevant.  She discussed how to conduct an interview someone properly in order to blog about it and gave us the following:

Points to Remember:

  • Read, listen to and watch loads of videos and keep a notebook of questions,
  • Carry out lots of in-depth research about your interviewee.
  • Write a list of open interview questions that are free of sensationalism. Learn the questions too.
  • Place a recording device on the table.  Use a second too, if possible.
  • Have a conversation.
  • Listen and be silent.

Sadly I had to leave shortly after this so only managed to get half the day down but it was great to meet so many lovely people and learn so much from the pro’s.  Whilst I was there I also won tickets to the Blog Awards this year, so looking forward to bumping into a few familiar faces there too!

If you need any help with any of this, then please give me a call or email me at


  1. Thank you so much for your kind words about my talk, Melanie. I’m thrilled and relieved that you enjoyed it. Best of luck with your interviews!

  2. You’re a very inspiring women I must say! I love your kick ass attitude, I could do with putting mine up a notch or two to be honest. I look forward to hear you speaking again. Thanks for the comment 🙂

  3. I love this: “Project yourself – don’t mumble”. Practice makes better, yes? I practice my keynote when I am alone (the dog, cats, finches and fish don’t seem to care). The more I practice, the clearer I am. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Lol, very Dr Doolittle! I have practiced with my cats more than once, every now and then with my husband too. I always seem to practice on the way to the event in the car too. Must be quite amusing to people driving the other way! Thanks for your comment 🙂

  5. Great points to remember! Thanks for sharing and I enjoy your contributions in the Kim Garst Inner Circle.

  6. Loved the tips for going from blogger to capable broadcaster because these also work for video recording, which we’ve started doing. Sounds as if the event was filled with helpful information. Great photos!

  7. What an amazing experience! I will keep your checklist for my first conference of this sort.
    Mostly what i think was important : Have a conversation.. and of course Listen and take notes (or video) I imagine that there was much to absorb.
    Thanks for sharing

  8. Thanks so much for sharing your highlights. I especially like the LinkedIn checklist. There are a number of things I need to figure out how to do that are on your checklist, like translating it and adding photos. Great tips!

  9. Your broadcasting tips are right on! And as both a beauty and social media blogger, your tips about HD makeup matter too! Thanks for stressing that.

  10. Thanks Jennifer, I was just reporting what I learnt from the conference, the speakers were top notch! I really must make sure I return to this conference again as I learnt loads of new things.

  11. Yes the LinkedIn section I considered especially important to me, I didn’t realise how much I knew until he highlighted it. It’s something I need to remind my clients of and by creating this checklist of his content when people visit the website now, anyone can benefit from it. I didn’t realise however you could translate it, well impressed with that I must say. 🙂

  12. You’re welcome Alene, I would encourage anyone who goes to this type of conference to record as much as they can. Some of the speakers only got 15-20 minutes to speak and if I didn’t have a phone to record on, then frankly I was going to miss loads of content as they were getting through the slides really quickly! I am glad I won a power pack at this event as plugs were a premium on the day!

  13. Yes – I found those very useful too, I am looking to do more recordings as well so will keep these in mind when I do. Thanks for your comment.

  14. Cheers Catherine, very nice of you to say so 🙂

  15. I really enjoyed your blog post about the blogging conference you attended! Looks like the takeaways were applicable to your business. My favorite part was when you shared tips about what to wear when being interviewed and avoiding busy fabrics.

  16. Sounds like you had a great time, Melanie. I especially loved the advice to move your body more; I think if I did that, I’d fly away! LOL

  17. I never realised the impact a green screen could have with what your wearing so it was a great tip!

  18. Great tips to remember. Thank you so much for sharing your experience with us.

  19. Oh man.. I should be There!!! Thank you for sharing your experiences with us!!!

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