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The past 24 hours all that can be heard on newsfeeds all across Ireland, is about the new Facebook Emotive buttons finally Facebook Reacts!

I keep on checking mine and others pages, but as yet they haven’t clicked on yet but it should be any time now.  It has been a long time coming and for some people, not quite what they were expecting.  All the talk of a Dislike button and out comes these!

In some sense for me, seeing these cute little emoticons kind of cheapens their worth.  I expect to see something like it on the more younger posters pages but as a – ahem….middle aged person, I’m not sure I want to have my feelings represented by a cute little image.  We are all quite lazy as it is about being forthcoming about our emotions, now we can click a button and nominate a few icons to demonstrate our wrath or joy.  Does this mean that speech has become even less important?  For a long time txt spk woz all the rage (frankly it drove me nuts), now we don’t need to speak at all….

I do see a need to have something other “Like” as an option on personal posts, the “Dislike” in some ways would have been better as you would still need to be expressive in text.  I assume some of my issue here is I am not used to this yet and possibly a bit of a dinosaur to boot (who knows??).

Something I need to clarify is,  can we see these only on personal profiles or will we see these on business pages too? Oh well – best stop talking about it and see what happens!


  1. They’re on business pages too and they’re awesome! I think the like button needed to be split into the diverse range of “reactions” people have to content. When like, comment & share were the only options people were not divulging so much personal news on Facebook. Now it is quite common to see announcements of births, deaths and marriages on there. People are expressing so many various emotions through what they post that the reaction buttons make perfect sense to me. Also from a business point of view, being able to break down the metrics further is always a good thing in my eyes, even if it means some of the reaction was negative. For some brands that means feedback that needs to be taken on board for improvement. For others, who post controversial content purely for reaction purposes they will be delighted with their angry emojis.

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