1. Good info. I need a tribe.I’m in many Facebook groups but not all ‘MY’ tribe. I am looking for ladies who not only love jewelry but love to look good.

  2. Some really good tips Melanie… I wish more folks saw the value in blogging and actually sharing it, more than once. lol

    FYI.. I think your CTT settings are off… I clicked on it, it opened in the same window and didn’t have a link back to your site or your twitter handle. – this one…Tweet: Use your social share buttons to share your own content!

  3. Thanks for ‘sharing’
    Blog posts need to be appealing right away to keep people there.

  4. Absolutely right Sonya, if you know your audience well enough – you need to capture their interest very quickly! Thanks for your comment 🙂

  5. Thanks Kirsten! I know what you mean, people tend to only share their content just the once and it should be done several times at least!

    Re the CTT, I previously had another name and and handle and I ca’t find where to change it on the back of my wordpress site! I never claimed to be a website wiz so if you could tell me where to look so I can change it I would be very grateful! Thanks 🙂

  6. Hey add me to your tribe! There is a such a value to having one. You set one up in Facebook just like SSIC and share away. Very valuable tool. Thanks for your comment Roslyn.

  7. Great post about sharing our blog and the importance of it. I’m going to check out whatswhat and I appreciate your thoughts about having a tribe.

  8. Sometimes I think finding your voice so you can find your tribe is the hardest part. Great information on how to get your blog more visibility so you can find your tribe and bring value.

  9. Thanks very much Christy. I remember when I first started doing a blog I would only put it up and not share, mostly because I either gave it no thought or maybe even felt a little embarrassed! It’s so funny how we first start in business! So much of running a business is growing confidence.

  10. Thanks Tandy for popping over, I was actually introduced to a Tribe by a client of mine who found one after she started her business as a professional craft blogger for kids. I’m in a couple now and it really does help!

  11. You’re so right about building a tribe. Entrepreneurship can be a lonely thing without the right group of people surrounding you, supporting you and celebrating the wins. Great blog,

  12. There are some great Facebook tribes out there on Facebook. I know one of my clients started an account on Flipboard and was invited from there to be a part of a Tribe. Her business is flying! Thanks for your comment 🙂

  13. Hey Melanie. Good tips here. I agree with everyone should be using their own sharing buttons – if only to make sure they are working the way they want them to! Be in control of what other people share from your website.

  14. Great tips here, I’m working on finding new places to network and share my blog; other than that I think I’m doing okay at the rest of the tips mentioned 😀

  15. Great to hear Natalie, it’s not that no one is doing it, it’s just some people don’t think to do it. I hope you find other places and if you do, pop back and tell me too! 🙂

  16. That’s quite true too actually Mindy it is a good way to check and see of they are working properly. Thank so much for popping over 🙂

  17. Thanks very much 🙂 Cheers Katerina

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