How to Use Google My Business


You may not realise it but you may already have a Google My Business account for your business, even if you don’t currently use it.  If you have a Gmail address or sign into Google Docs or YouTube, they are all part of the “One” account.

Getting Started

Google My Business is by far the easiest way to be found online without paying for it.  This FREE platform can be accessed at or via your Google Home Page.  You can find it on the Home page and in the top right hand corner.  If you’re not signed in already, please do.  Now sign in by clicking the 9 buttons on the left hand side of the profile photo and scroll down.

Here you can scroll through the buttons until you find your Google My Business account (for some you may need to scroll down twice)

Once in your account you can simply go through each section and fill out the details.  You’ll also be able to “Claim your URL”.  This means it changes from a line of numbers to a recognisable brand name that you can share.  You will need to get this verified and receive a postcard from the States – on average this can all be done within about 3 weeks and in the meantime you can continue posting on your page etc whilst you’re waiting.

The Nitty Gritty

Once your profile is live you can then add your profile to a geographical radius where you provide your service or product.  This in turn will help your business get found in a search.

Make sure you also add your business on a Google MAP.  It doesn’t matter if you don’t have a bricks and mortar shop either.

While you do need to register your business to a physical address (which Google will confirm by mailing you a verification number), it does not need to be tied to an actual storefront address, and you do not need to display this address publicly. So, as long as you have a home address or P.O

By adding yourself to the maps it means when people search locally you stand a much greater chance of being discovered.


Next make sure you set up your category for your business.  You can actually have up to 10 and as of February 2020 there was 3,942 categories to choose from!  You must select 1 primary and and this is given as the most important significance in the Google Algorithm

Business Description

This is yet another Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) field that you can complete in order to get found.  You can have up to 750 characters and can easily edit this as your business changes.


Be sure to add HD images of your location and branding and try to update this as often as possible as this is what will be recognised first.  Make sure you add geotags and get accurate alt text and captions.

Google Reviews

In this dog eat dog world, getting a decent Google review can make all the difference to your business, so once you have got a few customers, share the link:

It can be added to emails, shared in posts and added to your website. Please do your best to respond to your reviews and remember to thank people as they crop up!

Create Posts

This is pretty much how you you’ll get found on a regular basis.  It’s just like posting regularly on your Facebook and Twitter accounts.  The more you post up-to-date relevant content that matches what your audience is looking for, the greater chance you have of being found.  So please don’t just set up and ignore, try to add content regularly.

Get the App

Finally, ensure you add the app to your phone and tablets.  This way you can add updates and photos and respond to reviews.  Being responsive on your social media is vital.  Your audience (and the algorithm) watch and measure your business on your responsiveness.

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