January Social Media Round Up 2016

January Social Media Round Up 2016

Morning all

First of all I wanted to go through my round up from last year and show you just how much has changed in the past year!

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Sadly I never got round to doing a December one but I will ensure that doesn’t happen again!

So here I am making sure the January Round Up gets done!

Social Media Round Up January 2016


Introducing Audience Optimization for Publishers

This month I came across this article written by Peter Roybal.  It may be a short article but it’s jam packed with easy to understand descriptions of just exactly what this new update is and sends you straight to a Get Started section so you can do just that.  If you are planning to use Facebook Ads for Business this is a must to look at!

How to Get Rid of an Imposter Facebook Account

These really do happen every now and then and it can feel truly invasive.  Fortunately there are procedures in place to protect you from these types of account, they can at times take a while but most of the time are reasonably smooth to remove.  I have shared articles from Facecrooks a few times, it’s a great source!

Facebook Search has Arrived! Well not here but soon…

This is a way to keep your evergreen content out there!  Customers will be able to search your own posts on your own Facebook Business Page and actually find them!  This tool is a great way to bring people back to your page on a semi regular basis to look for content.  I of course will confirm when I can that it is due to be here, watch this space!

Livestreaming Coming to Facebook For All!

Mari Smith put up the above video on the day it was released throughout the US and it should be rolled out over the coming weeks to everyone else.  This will be a game changer for the mere mortals out there like us.  We don’t have Verified accounts or thousands of followers but with this tool we could well get this if our material is clear, honest and engaging.  Now all we need is the courage to use it!


3 Twitter Automated Tools

This is a bit of a dated article (September 2015) but nevertheless still needs another airing.  It’s strangely enough one of the most asked questions I have had this month and I don’t like to just mention 1 tool so I frequently suggest this article to clients for their review. There are many more of course and over time I have moved from these to others but I find these are very simple to use and also have free options.

Useful Blogs

Ian Anderson Grey of Seriously Social recently put up a blog post on the Social Media SummitHow to Get More Followers.

Jeff Bullas pulls no punches with his most recent post about 11 Excuses Serious Bloggers Don’t Make.

I will finish up there for now and start looking for February’s Round Up.  Please let me know if there is anything you wish me to cover and I will do my best to find up to date content for you.


  1. Hi Veronica

    Thanks for popping over! I use the term as a way of explaining it’s more a summary of changes in social media rather than a deep intense description. I do those too but for the purpose of my monthly blog it was easier to do a summary. Thanks for asking!

  2. Aw thanks Krista – nice to have you pop over, I have had a very busy 6 months!

  3. Thanks Brenda – my pleasure, do pop back when you can for more updates and don’t forget you can subscribe to my newsletter too!

  4. Super content, Melanie. You work hard to keep your readers up to date with the latest and greatest (or in some cases, maybe not the greatest!) in the social media world. Kudos to you!

  5. You have so much to read!! Good for you! Well, good for me too, if I got to all! haha It looks like you are on top of it all!

  6. Thanks Cheryl – I appreciate your comments, I do hope I can keep up with all the changes.

  7. This is great.. lots of valuable resources that I wish more folks would take advantage of. Side note, because of those impostor FB pages/people, I don’t just accept anyone like I might have in the past as they are likely impostors if they haven’t posted, have very few pics and just off the wall friends. Frustrating!

  8. This is a very comprehensive list. And thanks for sharing links to your 2015 roundups. I need to catch up!

  9. Thanks for coming over Carol, I appreciate the feedback 🙂 I also have a newsletter you can get delivered into your inbox if your interested 🙂

  10. Thanks for saying Kristen – nice of you to pop over! It’s so frustrating absolutely and I can’t understand why people would WANT to behave that way, but at least we are becoming more knowledgeable about these things now.

  11. Great idea to include round up from 15. Looking forward to your tips for 2016. Thank you.

  12. Thanks Vicky. I wanted to remind me of the changes made last year as no doubt they will reflect in peoples perception of the usefulness of social media this year. I also know that as important as it is to always have new work to share with people on my website, it’s the quality of my old work that brings people back to my page and I hope, makes them ambassadors of my business.

    I look forward to your further feedback 🙂

  13. Seems like you had a great and busy year there.:-)

  14. Hi Katerina,

    Thanks for popping over, it was a tremendously busy year last year. I hope you get chance to check out future updates 🙂

  15. Thanks Stacey

    I enjoy bringing the information to people and hope you find my blog of continuing interest 🙂

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