Linkedin URL


Most businesses will have LinkedIn pages and they are vital to create a professional image for the industry you are in, what especially would make a difference is to have a LinkedIn URL that is easy to remember and small enough to fit on business cards and letter headers.  This process is termed as “Claim Your Name”.

It represents your Curriculum Vitae and it should be updated regularly to be in tune with your career path.  These days people are recruited and “Googled” (searched) before being called in for interview, so you need to ensure that what is available on the internet is professional.

There are several Youtube links that can show you how to Claim Your Name or I can easily do it for you.  If you are lucky you can get it without any numbers after it, which is much easier to remember for your client base and easier to bring up on a search also.

It is always true that first impressions last, make sure that you get to make the best first impression with my support.