Personal Care of your Clients

Penny Lane Groomers - Article by STOMP Marketing

Every business needs to ensure personal care of their clients but some clients aren’t always barking about the idea.

Penny Lane Groomers
Penny Lane Groomers was started in Summer 2012 by Kelley Salter.  Kelley has had dogs for a number of years and chosen to get them groomed by others in the past but they didn’t always match up with her high standards, so instead took it upon herself to get the relevant training and provide a more personal service of her own.

Penny Lane Groomers - Article by STOMP Marketing

Kelley is a very easy person to talk to, who obviously enjoys the company of people and pooches in the same amount.  I found her passion for her trade and her knowledge of her products reassuring.  The location of her business is ideally suited too and obviously a lot of care and thought has gone into its position in order to provide for local off-road, free parking (car park next to Molly’s Pub, just a couple of minutes walk from the Shop).  You can easily leave your pet there for a pamper whilst you nip off to the shops and have a bite to eat and drink locally as well.

The process of grooming your dog takes two hours and almost every step is taken into account.  Starting with a brush out and clip of your pet to the desired length of their coat, shampooing/rinsing, facials, tear stain removal, towel drying, hair drying, dog cologne (which actually smells quite nice…) nail clipping and even nail polish if the request is put in.  The dog is in no way hurried and is gently coaxed through each part with care and consideration.

The end result is a truly clean looking and clean smelling, well loved friend that would be a privilege to have out at any social function.

Kelley has a website at the following address: and a Facebook Page at:  Penny Lane Groomers Here

Please note you can also get Vouchers for loved ones, so contact her direct today about them and she can put some in the post to you in time for Christmas.  Please call her on 087 310 3622.

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