Social Media Round Up December 2016 and Prepare for 2017


Social Media Round Up December 2016

This month’s Social Media Round Up is going to be a little different.  I have included some excellent blogs from several sectors of business.  I wanted to get the insights from experts in each of their fields.  I hope you find this information useful and it prepare you better for 2017.

The lessons I have learnt this year was to step up and be brave.  Speaking publicly has been my biggest challenge so far.  I started managing accounts for clients too as the demand for it grew.  All I can suggest to you for 2017, is to embrace change and you don’t have to do everything alone!

I of course also have some of the latest updates too to share with you that have been revealed over the past month.

Social Media

How many times have you slaved over a product description or service that you have created or added to your business line? You then put it up numerous times on your social media and no one responded?  Some of the most important things we need to ask our audience is missed because we haven’t put up a decent Call to Action (CTA).  Hootsuite put up another fab blog this month that you might find useful entitled “How to Write Effective Calls to Action on Social Media“.


The Facebook Pixel is still new to a lot of people, but it is a valuable tool to the effective Marketer.  It’s completely FREE to create and install and relatively simple to operate with.  However, in the next couple of months the current conversion code will be changed for a new one.  Make sure you don’t miss out!  Losing this valuable took from your arsenal would only hamper your recording efforts. Check out this blog shared by Social Media Examiner, Charlie Lawrence in mid December How to Track Facebook Conversions after February 2017.

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As you know Facebook Ads are a must these days.  Julia Bramble has explained to us in another article in Social Media Examiner this month, that it is also a valuable Lead Generation tool.  In her article “A 7 Step Plan for Generating Leads with Facebook Ads“.  This article is amazingly detailed, with plenty of images to help even the technophobe manage Facebook Pixels!  Well worth reading, keeping and sharing!


You may not have heard but LinkedIn was bought at the beginning of this month.  Microsoft parted with €24 billion for their purchase.

This deal will have both companies working together on developing artificial intelligence, machine learning, and the cloud.  This will form as part of Microsoft’s plans to increase its cloud-based services for businesses. It’s still early days so their plans haven’t been fully revealed but we have been assured it shouldn’t change the platform much for now at least. A selection of news articles can be found in this search.

Social Media Tools

As we are about to enter 2017, you may be looking at your strategy for the New Year?  Hopefully you are looking for new ways to make the most out of your time by using helpful tools.  I have found Irelands own Ian Cleary amazingly useful for tools in the past.  He didn’t let me down this year either.  His latest blog post posted a couple of days before Christmas has a great list of tools.  You can view 45 Marketing Tools to Consider for 2017 and decide for yourself.

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Expert Blogs for 2017

I hope you have enjoyed my round ups this year and I look forward to bringing you the latest and best news on social media in 2017.