Social Media Round Up April 2017

Social Media Round Up - April 2017

Social Media Round Up April 2017

Happy May Day!

It has been an extremely busy month this April.  I have been out and about quite a bit at various events and have networked my shoes off.  A lot of opportunities are ahead let’s hope!

Please find my latest round up and see what else you need to put into place in order to optimise your social platforms!


Facebook has been taking a bit of a bashing in the past few months from the likes of Snapchat.  The different capabilities of each platform have been noticed by its users and Facebook have had to strike back in order to regain its hold.  This article from Selectall by Brian Feldman explains how Facebook has brought in their own adaptations and explains how the “Facebook Prime” is upping their game.

Facebook logo jpgsnapchat logo

Facebook Algorithm

The algorithm is a mystery to most people!  However Hootsuite must have got bored last year and spent who knows how much time creating this enormous explanatory blog post on what they have interpreted as parts of the algorithm.  If you have about 30 minutes it’s a useful read.  I personally had to read it a couple of times as it goes into a fair bit of detail.  (It could also have to do with me having Star Trek: The Next Generation on in the background!)


Apple Clips

A brand new toy came out last month that I really haven’t used properly yet, though I do now have it uploaded on my iPhone.  This app adds words as you record, there are various ways they can be added: either individually or a sentence remains in line.  I prefer the latter personally, helps keep perspective.  It’s also a free app!  It means people can see what you are saying even with the sound off.  Have a try of it and see if it would be useful for you.

Facebook Competitions

These have been a deep-seated mystery to me, largely because I have never needed to run one!  I am or course aware of how to run one and I have participated in them as well but there is no better training than when you have done one yourself.

I came across this post from Digital4Sales from Jill Holtz that you may find this of interest.  When you stay within the Terms of Service and apply these suggestions it can really help your business

facebook competitions

Marketing Plan

Like most small business owners I have struggled with wearing so many hats.  I have had to learn “on the job” so to speak several areas at once.  One area I have had to get training in was with Marketing.  A lot IS common sense of course but knowledge of what and it should involve is important too.  I came across this post over the past month and thought my reader would find it useful.  It’s a great way to place yourself inside your marketing plan so hopefully you should be able to apply it to what ever type of business you have.

marketing plan for the new year STOMP

How to Use Instagram for Business

I find a lot of business owners ask how to use Instagram for business.  The strategy to using such a visual platform can be time consuming initially as you find out what images/videos and hashtags work for you.  It can also be slow due to trial and error.  To this end I am hoping you will find this post in some way explanatory.

new instagram logo

Blogs to Read:

Marie Collins – Four Takeaways from Social Media Summit 2017

Urban Renstrom – The One Thing Facebook Ads Fixes

If you are a parent then you are probably battling with your children daily about time they spend online.  I have a 9 and 6 year old and already have this battle!  I have found Wayne Denner to be an excellent advocate for online safety for children and teaches parents what to watch out for.

If you are concerned and want to keep up with all the changes with regards to your childs safety online, then I must recommend Waynes blog.  Have a read!

Thanks for reading and please share!