Social Media Round Up April 2018


Social Media Round Up April 2018

This past month has meant a lot of change for me and my business and fortunately most of it positive!  Read on to learn more…


I am pleased to announce on the 14th of April I was awarded Best Business to Business Winner by the Micro Business Awards.  It was a privilege to given this recognition by my peers and I was sincerely shocked as I was against some stiff competition.  I can only hope to continue in this vein with my business 🙂


It may not be much but I thought it worth mentioning that I spotted from this month the ability to change the group colouring from the admin tools page.  Handy for those members who appear on many groups so that they can spot at a glance by simply changing the colour.  So if you’re an admin of a group, keep an eye out!

Facebook Music

If you are looking for free stock music for videos that you are sharing on Facebook and Instagram, you might not be aware that Facebook has a library of over 1,000 free stock music tracks for you to choose from.

To access the library:
*Go to your Facebook page
*Click on Publishing tools in the top menu
*On the left hand menu select “Sound Collection”
*Browse the music library by Genre or Mood. Click play to listen to a track
*To download a track click on the download button next to the play button

The track is now on your computer and you can add the track when you are editing your video using a video editor.

If you edit your videos using a smartphone app, simply email the music track to yourself, open the email on your phone and save to your phone.

Definitely worth checking out if you make marketing videos.

(Note – Under the terms of the music library Facebook states that the music can only be used on videos on Facebook and Instagram platforms)

Facebook Live

More and more people are seeing the value of Facebook Lives.  They are easily becoming the quickest and cheapest way to build a foundational relationship with our audience.  Ian Anderson Gray of Seriously Social has been an early adopter in this and has now written an enviable How To Essential Checklist for Facebook Live Guest Shows.


The online platform announced its own GDPR update recently so that they also fall inline with the European directive.


Getting people to your website can happen lots of different ways of course.  Search, social media, word of mouth etc.  That’s almost the easy part so to speak.  The hard part is keeping them there and generating a form of loyalty.

When I came across this blog post from Moz I saw it had wrapped up all the past issues I had had with my website rather neatly. 8 Common Website Mistakes Revealed via Content Audits.  Check to make sure you tick off each issue.  Well worth the read!

Dublin Tech Summit

I was delighted to make it again to the Dublin Tech Summit this year.  I went as part of the team of Irish Tech News and was very fortunate to speak with a number of excellent speakers.  This years Keynote was Casey Neistat a prevalent Youtuber and provided standing room only when he spoke.  My personal favourite speaker was Jordan Evans.  His talk on Space Robotics was fascinating and all the plans for Mars 2020 were frankly right up my alley so to speak. I have been and probably always will be a bit of a Space Nerd!

Check out the links above and read my interview with Jordan here.

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