Social Media Round Up August 2019

Social Media Round Up August 2019

Social Media Round Up August 2019

This month has been a slow burn for me personally.  August 2019 has easily been the longest month I have had all year!  Mind you, I did get a fair bit done in fairness.

One bright spark for the month was me being nominated for the upcoming Graham Norton Gin Inspiring Awards 2019.  It was totally unexpected and I’ve no idea who nominated me but very grateful to be considered!

I hope if you enjoy my blog or perhaps have received training from me over the years, I would very much appreciate your vote!  If you would like to, then please email, with the subject heading “Nomination” and give them “Melanie Boylan – STOMP Social Media Training” and they will tally up the votes.  Many thanks!

Other than that most kids will be back at school today and normality will be resumed from today (ish).  Let’s get on!


Yep, that’s right, after countless years and a huge amount of 3rd party apps that have requested permission to the API, Instagram are going to finally put these guys out of business!

In the coming weeks it will roll out and you will have access to the desktops to schedule and post directly.  Which a big thumbs up to those of you that prefer to be web based and work on your laptop to those that prefer their phones.  To learn more about this change, please visit this link.

new instagram logo

Have you heard of LinkedIn Post Inspector?

Yeah…no, me too.  It’s a silent but deadly way to see how you post on LinkedIn will show when displaying graphics, images and links.  So if you particularly care how it looks, this is the tool for you!  Click here to check your post on LinkedIn.

Social Media Policy

Considering almost every business has a presence on Social Media these days, it’s quite disappointing to see so many of them don’t actually have a policy for it.

This not only makes your company accountable and secure but it also makes your staff (who can change regularly in some industries) accountable too.

So many companies are monitoring their staffs social media to see how they behave and what is being said about them, that it’s something that needs to be reflected back on the company.

Do you have a policy?  Or maybe your policy needs to be updated?  Then check out this very useful template from Hootsuite.

Making Videos Out of Blogs?

Yes you heard me right.  I came across Lumen5 this month and have had a very brief sqwidge at it.  It’s for people like me (lazy) and who want to create video with just posts.  Now previously I would have just headed to Adobe Spark but now you can get a paid-for plan with a lot more flexibility by the looks of it and it is a lot more creative.  So if you looking to up your game and impress your audience, then please visit for further detail. Becomes Whereby

I actually quite a few marketers and trainers who use this tool for working with their teams or collaborators. had disappeared in fairness so it did need a we bit of a rebrand and a swift kick but it seems to have done the trick.

If you’re looking for a fabulous tool that offers you video conferencing then check them out.  They have options for free and paid for plans.  Please visit for more!

Hotjar and Website Analysis

Hotjar is a powerful tool that reveals the online behavior and voice of your users. By combining both Analysis and Feedback tools, Hotjar gives you the ‘big picture’ of how to improve your site’s user experience and performance/conversion rates.”

Taken directly from their intro on the website I thought they could explain it better than me!  It’s not always what you know, its sometimes a lot to do with you do with it.  This would be another Google Analytics in my head but I would need to view both alongside one another to make the comparison.  If you’re all analytical then it maybe worth viewing this tool and takin advantage of the user experience you’ll gain from it.  View Hotjar.

LinkedIn Advertising – is it worth it?

Yes and no.  It’s a weird one LinkedIn Ads.  They are good but as a platform its still not really being utilised best by its users.  Although of course your ads do go to the decision makers, just like every other platform it still needs to be kept relevant and up-to-date.  Unfortunately, it doesn’t prompt the user anywhere as often as the others to be updated though.

The other to take into account is people tend NOT to visit LinkedIn as often as other profiles and one other thing.  A lot of people turn off the notifications on LinkedIn too, which is a bit of pain – as they they dont get the prompt to look at recent ones. Are you one of them?

If you need to reach decision makers though, I would still create a campaign and use it as a tool but I wouldn’t invest too much money in it until you have created an audience that is receptive to your ads.

Events Coming Up

Business Market Dublin

I am attending and speaking at the first Business Market Dublin in September.  This company has managed this market over in the UK for a number of years and this month they are bringing their first edition here to Ireland.

I am doing a Masterclass on ‘Using Instagram Posts, Stories and IGTV for Business’.  I do hope you can attend?

I enjoy blogging, weird I know but I find it very therapeutic. What makes it more so though, is I know it gets read by the right people and a good lot of them have a bash at my suggestions. However, I am a fan of sharing others content.

If you have any suggestions for things to cover or blogs to write, please let me know!



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