Social Media Round Up July 2019


Social Media Round Up July 2019

I have been melting – along with the rest of the country this month.  Extraordinary weather for this part of the world!  Or is it?  Some experts say we have roughly 18 months left to fix Climate Change….  Let’s hope we have the right people in power all over the world in the coming weeks and months to start making these changes.

Now I’m off my Soapbox now, so let’s get on with the important social media updates and changes that may affect your business over the coming month!

Instagram Starts to have Falling Engagement Rates

For months now Instagram has been the go-to platform to place your visual business on.  This article by Andrew Hutchinson of Social Media Today goes into a report conducted by  This is about a very noted reduction in engagment rates that has been happening over the past few months.  It seems that Instagram, may be going the way of Facebook.  What strategies or Marketing budget can you set aside to make this platform work for you better in the coming months?

Time Management

Lose 9 minutes of your time reading this blog from Entrepreneur Magazine and see how much of yourself you can recognise in the description?

John Rampton hits some very topical points in this article about how we waste our time without realising.  Denial is the top one in my opinion.  Have a read and see if you can create a positive out of this negative.

New Edit January 2020

The #1 Secret to Time and Calendar Management

I have recently received an email from Martin Luenendonk, the CEO of Cleverism.  He wanted me to share Anastasia’s article of October 2019 from their website.  This was also about Time Management!  In this article they discuss Calendar Management and go on to explain how best to achieve it.  Have a read of their blog here, I was impressed enough to share it.  Apologies for the pop ups!

Your Christmas Marketing Guide

A terrifyingly large 63 page, PDF download on Facebook Marketing was put out on Facebook last week and I felt compelled to share it.  As much because it was useful as it was because I could say the word “Christmas” and not feel broke.

Please only print this download if you either have enough colour in your ink, or change it to black and white!

Beginners Guide to YouTube Marketing

I know my audience in this blog is mostly beginners or people with a general but not up-to-date knowledge of social media.  I really want to emphasize to you all just how important video is going to be over the coming months and years.

Creating video content, either by Live or pre-recording is going to make the difference for you and your business.  So do please read this blog and start making changes to your marketing.  It will transform how you are perceived, how your business is understood.  It will make you easier to find and make your relationship with your audience much closer, much quicker.

Google My Business

It’s not here yet!  But in the coming months we should be able to add a “Get Quote” button to our Google My Business accounts.  Check out this this Search Engine Land blog post for more details. It doesn’t sound much but this one click could make the difference to a customer contacting us rather than someone else.

I will personally be keeping an eye on this as my Google My Business account is getting more and more hits on a monthly basis and I am getting found far faster these days.  I did worry when Google+ went but it seems my concerns were unfounded.

New Twitter

If you frequent this platform you may have noticed the #NewTwitter.  I have got to say when I was given the “sneak peek” months ago I hated it!  It came across as blocky and cumbersome and frankly I was waiting for some 80’s music to start behind me.

When last week I opened up my Twitter on my laptop and noticed that I no longer had a choice, I must say I wasn’t very impressed.  I still don’t like it and retreat as often as I can to my phone version as that (currently) hasn’t changed.  In my opinion I still feel like I want to put on a head band, leg warmers and start “Dancing like a Maniac on the floor” but lets hope that subsides and I gradually move over to Dallas.  Maybe work my way through the years and at least up to Quantum Leap in the next few weeks.  Overall I feel hopeful…

Apparently this new format is better in that you can edit the display and you can.  I may just take it over to the “Night” version as that to me that kinda looks slicker.  Let me know your thoughts!


Another future capability for LinkedIn this time is that we should be able to add our Services to our personal profiles.  Do you think this is similar to what we have in Facebook but on our business page instead?

I have seen the article about this but as of today (29th of July) its not rolled out as yet on my profile.  When it updates I will of course let you know, or please do let me know if you get it yourself.

Image: Search Engine Journal

iMovie for Business

Making a video can be time consuming and at times expensive.  You’d be surprised how easy it could be though if you set about doing Story Telling rather than advertising though.

I use iMovie for a client of mine and have been using the free version for nearly a year now for them.  Slowly but surely I have starting to use it for other clients and as my knowledge and experience improves I might even head over to the paid versions in the months to come.

If you have an iPhone I would love you to upload this app and just have a look at it as an option.  Follow some YouTube videos to get some tips on it and just start playing.  It is fairly intuitive and you can get into a steady flow of creating very short or not so short videos in no time.

Useful Blogs

Why is Sponsoring Events as Your Business Important? By Melanie Boylan STOMP Social Media

How to use GetResponse AutoFunnel to Build Your sales Funnel By Ian Cleary RazorSocial

How to Broadcast to LinkedIn Live By Ian Anderson Gray

Don’t forget to check out my events page coming up for September and beyond and ensure you book your tickets!  I would really appreciate hearing about other events that can be shared as well!  Thank you.

Speak to you next month 🙂


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