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Happy August!

This past month has made a big difference to many businesses within Ireland.  We’re almost fully open now, just one last phase to go.  My business has definitely seen an upwards turn.  More and more people want to check out their Digital Marketing Strategy options and others are looking for mentoring through the Local Enterprise Office as well.  It’s nice to be busy again.  However, I’m being realistic as there’s still a chance we enter a lockdown again as well.

Well, let’s get on with it shall we?


The New Look with Mari Smith

I’m sure you’ve noticed the new look for Facebook that we’re occasionally forced to use.  Thankfully its reverted to “classic” style a couple of times but it will eventually happen.  There’s still a lot of glitches to be resolved but listen to Mari in this video and she’ll explain a bit for you.

The New Facebook Design: A Guided Tour

Whether we like it or not, the new Facebook 'FB5' design will most likely continue rolling out, with no option to switch back. 😕 Here's a full walkthrough of what the design looks like on your Home (News Feed), Personal Profile, Business Page, and Groups. There are so many drastic changes, in terms of navigation mostly, that it can take awhile to get used to! And, some features are altogether missing. (Btw, if you have not yet switched, be sure to save your 'Our Story' section on your business page as that vanishes in the new design). You'll also need to adjust your personal profile cover image as your profile picture will be in the center. And, the cover image dimensions are different now so you may need to reposition. (The business page cover image seems okay, although the option to reposition is not there. The page cover video dimensions may be slightly different now). Some users are seeing bugs across all of the new design, and notices that certain areas are not yet optimized for the new design. 🕷🙄Dark mode is probably one of the main features that some users particularly love. 🌑 Personally, my eyes can't get used to it!And, from the new permanent top nav bar, we now see the four key areas Facebook wants to prioritize and keep top of mind at all times: 1️⃣ Watch2️⃣ Marketplace3️⃣ Groups4️⃣ Games (Are you seeing anything different in the top bar?)I can certainly understand pushing Watch more. 📺 Zuck is absolutely determined to win the digital streaming TV battle! But, surely us users that never use Games could put something else there? 🎲 At some point, this top navigation may be editable, just like Facebook's mobile app.(On mobile, we do have the option to edit what's called the Shortcut Bar. Go to the 3 bars > Settings > Shortcuts > Shortcut Bar and the choices are: Profile, Groups, Pages, Markeplace, Watch, Dating. Depending on your area, your options might be different.)Your thoughts? Got questions?

Posted by Mari Smith on Friday, July 17, 2020

How to Use Facebook Live Producer

One of the people I follow would be Ian Anderson Gray, who has been a valuable source of support and information for me.  This brilliant “Live” went into great explanation how to use Facebook Live Producer, so I had to share, just click the link below.

Then yesterday Ian shared his article about the same video in Social Media Examiner, read it here!  I get mentioned (well in a picture) 😀

Hashtags on Facebook

Finally, hashtags on Facebook is a thing.  Hear from Mari Smith below to find out how toi start it using them.

Facebook is starting to push the use of hashtags in posts to INCREASE YOUR ORGANIC REACH. Woohoo!!! #️⃣ 🎉You may have…

Posted by Mari Smith on Wednesday, July 1, 2020


Sounding Right

Early last month LinkedIn mentioned that they are adding an audio aspect to their platform that would help people pronounce peoples names.  This odd innovation hasn’t rolled out everywhere yet but should be along soon.  More on it here.

Looking for a Job on LinkedIn?

You may have noticed when looking on LinkedIn that some profile pictures have a green circle around the image – check out my profile just above.

This means we have added a stamp to indicate that we’re looking for work.  You can even specify the type of work you’re seeking.  Check out this useful post from


Scheduling Instagram and Facebook Posts through your Phone

Its been a bind for a long time, then Facebook Creator Studio came along – but only on a laptop.  Well towards the last week of July Facebook finally made it possible to create and schedule to both profiles on your phone as seen below:

How to Schedule Instagram Stories

Yep, you can even schedule these now too!  But not as yet through Facebook (??).  You can however do it with Hootsuite and other 3rd party tools. Have a read of this blog post and get your stories scheduled for the next few months!

Help Blind or Visually Impaired Readers on Instagram

Delighted to hear that Facebook / Instagram have become so progressive and have created an alt text for the impaired.  This means when using the object recognition technology they can read out whats on the screen.  Read for full details from Business Insider in this post.

Instagram Reels to Rival TikTok

As usual, not to be outdone by another platform Instagram are launching their version Reels some stage this month.  I wonder if they are targeting the same audience as well?  Let me know if you come across and use it?  I’d love to have your feedback from this new innovation.  More on this from Business Insider again.

Google My Business

Google Guarantee

Seriously scandalous news shared by Tom Waddington last month about a Google Guarantee that you can get for $50.  It could become the deciding mark for a business but not every business qualifies for the guarantee, well not at the moment anyway.  I can see this potentially harming businesses.  What do you think?  Read the article and make your own mind up?

Google Guarantee
The Google Guarantee covers claims up to the amount on the job invoice up to the lifetime cap for coverage. Services must be booked through Google Local Services. The Google Guarantee doesn’t cover add-on or future projects, damages to property, dissatisfaction with price or provider responsiveness, or cancellations.


Is YoutTube for Business worth it?

Its not a common question  get yet but it is cropping up a little bit more frequently.  Have you considered it yet?  i’m only now myself starting to make more of an effort so let me get back to you in 6 months time and tell you if it worked…

Read this blog post from Digital Information World for now and I’ll bring my own in a few months time.

Spotify Vs YouTube

The well known audio leader has now started a campaign against YouTube – ears aren’t enough, now they want eyes!  Read on about the recent announcement.

It still early days but can you see this happening?  Where will you go?

Useful Blogs

How to Measure Your Social Media Effectiveness in 6 Steps – By Melanie Boylan

7 Video Content Formats that Solopreneurs use to Land more Business – By Tiffany Ruder

Which Video Aspect Ratio Is Best for Facebook Video Ads? – By Scott Ayres

I hope you found this months round up useful?  It’s been a busy one definitely!  Please let me know how you’re getting on and let me know what you want covered if anything particular?  See you next month!

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