Social Media Round Up May 2017

Social Media Round Up May 2017

Social Media Round Up May 2017

This months social media round up was made all the easier by the fact I wasn’t out every week networking!  I am getting ready for a busy month of training though before the quieter Summer phase!


Most people understand the relevance of hashtags in social media but did you realise how extensive it has become?  They are not only used in platforms like Twitter and Instagram, they also have a place in the profiles of Google+ and Pinterest too.

hashtag social media round up may 2017

Please check out this Hootsuite The Do’s and Don’ts of How to Use Hashtags blog post and bring yourself up to speed with how to use this tool properly.

I also came across this post – 5 Tools to Measure Instagram Hashtag Performance from Social Media Examiner on how to measure the success of using hashtags in Instagram.  They conducted some research in 5 specific tools and they give you the lowdown on what they found on each one.  It really depends on what you want to get from this type of analysis, how much you want to spend on each platform and how tech savvy you are!

Marketing Tools

There are literally hundreds of lists of these and some are available in Ireland (some not) but to be honest it really depends on the same criteria as above to using them.  If you have an endless budget and a huge team of people to monitor – these tools are an absolute gift!  You need to go through the minutiae and make a more informed decision.  I use a fairly extensive amount now to manage mine and my clients time better but have moved over to a lot of paid platforms now as they offer far more practical supports and reports for me to disseminate.



Have you seen a post on a friends page and can’t find it again? – maybe you want to look at an old post of yours? All personal profiles now have a search bar (plus other goodies!) just under then main header image to the right hand side.  Have a look at your friends pages now.

Over the next few weeks and months another statistic will be made available to Administrators that will give you how many “saves” there have been on your posts, have a read here in more detail..  Just like shares it will only be a figure so not a list of names.  Keep an eye out underneath your posts as Mari Smith announced this coming out on the 23rd May on a sporadic way.

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Did you know you can Fundraise on Facebook now?  This is initially being rolled out in the U.S. but will come over here some stage this year.  It will be available on Facebook Lives and you can donate throughout the livestream. This could be a substantial blow to gofundme campaigns, I look forward to learning more about this.

Blog Measurement

OK, I know that’s a weird heading but it’s pretty descriptive of what the following article is about.  All marketers of their salt need to measure their social media and blogging success, correct?  There are tools which can help you with this naturally but sometimes to gain a completely accurate score of this would be to amalgamate tools and measure the success against one another.  Have a read of this paper How to Determine if a Blog is Effective : A Multidimensional Scale of Blog Engagement written by Hopp, Toby, & Gallicano, Tiffany Derville (2016). Development and test of a multidimensional scale of blog engagement. Journal of Public Relations Research.  It’s very detailed and definitive!

BLOG image

Blogs to Read

I have been a part of some awesome networks for the past few years.  One to mention is the Women In Business Network.  Its a relatively new phenomenon in Ireland, they started early last year after having a very successful model in the UK.  Siobhan Fitzpatrick is responsible for the Irish side and she has expanded it in a very short time.  I only mention this much detail as I wanted to explain how I got to meet the amazing blog writer of the below PDF.  Lisa Stacey from WebArt has been a member for a few months now at the Ballsbridge location (where I have a seat) and has injected some very valuable support to the group since she started.  I know you will find her PDF/blog of interest!


My friend Urban Renstrom has delivered another quality blog about Facebook Ads Manager.  It’s still a mystery to a lot of people!  Have a read of his blog and delve into detail about the different areas of traction you can utilise.  Thanks Urban!

beyond the boost button urban social media round up May 2017

My review of Re:publica was great fun to do.  The event was over three days in Berlin earlier last month and really opened up my eyes to what a real “digital society” could look like.  Coining the phrase a Digital Woodstock is really the best way to describe it!

Did you see my blog for Women’s Inspire Network last month?  I focused on Managing a Seasonal Business this time as I am mindful of the looming Summer Holidays and having to work with the kids off!  Time Management and understanding how to prepare for the busy and lull times in your year are important to watch out for.

seasonal tree

I have been working with a few clients this past month honing their skills on the bio of their Twitter Profile.  It’s something that rarely gets updated or even properly understood.  It’s a way of being found in the search tools on Twitter and creating the best first impression when you are trying to gain and engage followers.  Why Should I Add a Bio to Twitter?

Well please enjoy and share!  I look forward to bringing you up to speed again the end of this month! TTFN