Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Quotations and Onboarding a New Client

      • All quotes and first meetings are FREE when a quotation has been accepted!
      • All new business will be given a quote within 3 working days unless advised otherwise (size of proposal, etc)
      • Face-to-face discussion, telephone, email or Zoom / Skype / Whereby are all options available for communication and will be made available to the client
      • All quotations are provided based at least in part, on information provided by the client. If any of the information provided by the client is shown to be incorrect whether accidentally or otherwise, STOMP Social Media Training reserves the right to pass on any resulting additional costs to the client
      • Unless specifically referred to, the latest quotation of costs sent to the client shall be regarded as the agreed fee for the business.
    • Speaking to STOMP
      • Contacting STOMP by telephone is strictly between 8:30am and 6pm, Monday to Friday (excluding Holidays)
      • Clients of STOMP will find me contactable 365 days of the year at reasonable times.  I will advise you if and when I am either on holidays or sick and cover will be arranged.
      • Face-to-Face discussion will be arranged at a mutually convenient time during business hours
    • Training with STOMP
      • One to One training, Pairs (2 people) and Groups (3 plus) all have different rates, quotes will be provided on request
      • I offer a discount rate if the client comes to my location for training.  If you would like training at my office location please add €50 per hour for hire of the boardroom and time for notice.  Alternatively we can meet in a cafe or hotel lobby locally (discounted rate still applies).  I cannot promise a quiet and distraction free space if you go for this option however.
      • Face to Face and Online training is available during evening and weekends at mutually convenient times
      • All Content planning strategies will be agreed with the client and a time frame put in place with a clear end point.


STOMP charge an €50 hourly rate when training online or €80 hourly rate as standard (when travelling to your location) but will on occasion do a Special Offer with a set fee, please check the Facebook Page/Website for details.

All startups need to contact me as I am a StartUp Supporter.

Monthly Management is charged at a different rate and dependent on how many platforms, level of service cover provided and agreed contract period.


      • Discounts* available to Whatswhat.ie Members and Womensinspirenetwork.com Members (Facebook and/or website members) * Only for training
      • Account Management and Ads Management
        • Any Ad campaigns or accounts being managed for a client will run until the last day of the month.
        • Account management must be paid a month in advance (or pro-rata) and by no later than the first working day of the month.
        • All Ads being created by STOMP for the Client will be paid directly by the Client (as an Ad Account Manager).
        • Some services provided by STOMP have been arranged with local partners who provide a preferred rate, namely Press Releases, Website Design and Management, Logo Creation, Facebook Optimisation.
        • Unless otherwise agreed prior to commissioning, payment terms are the following:
        • The hourly fee for training is inclusive of mileage in Co Westmeath.  If travelling outside of Co Westmeath, mileage will be added.
        • One off training is to be paid upon invoicing within 14 days
        • Public training courses will be paid in advance of the training either on Eventbrite or payment on the day of training
        • Methods of payment available: Cash or Bank Transfer.
        • If payment of my services exceeds €600, payment of half the value needs to be paid before work commences and the balance at an agreed end point.

Information supplied to the client under the terms of the contract is for the use of the client company only and is not to be divulged to any other organisation, without prior authorisation from STOMP Social Media Training.

Things STOMP Does Do:

      • I do partner with other Sole Traders and Independent Trainers who I work alongside as a partner at events or projects.
      • I do support events and become a team member.
      • I train and manage Adults and Business Owners.

Things STOMP Does Not Do:

      • STOMP does not run courses in Google Adwords, Google Analytics, SEO or website building.
      • I do not show you how to hide your social media profiles.
      • STOMP does not perform graphic design – your brand and content creation is important but this needs to be arranged by you and with someone who is qualified, has experience and time to do it.

STOMP Social Media Training will do its best to ensure accuracy of all aspects of an agreed arrangement such as, but not limited to, event planning, content planning and account management, to ensure that they are free from any substantial error.

Please note, I am human and capable of error.  I will always try my best to be honest and I hope to return to you with solutions if a mistake is made by me.

The terms and conditions can be updated when required and clients will be informed in writing with 30 days notice.