What is a Social Media Accountability Package?

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What is a Social Media Accountability Package?

Since the beginning of 2019 I have been providing an Accountability Package for Business Owners.  This package offers my clients support and follow up on an initial 3 month basis after training I have provided.  In short, it is retaining me throughout the duration to respond to emails and phone calls essentially any reasonable hours.

What does a Package cover?

What ever my initial training was!  If I was called in to speak to a business owner about Facebook and Instagram, then they can tap into my expertise.  Over the following 3 months I will let them know of any changes and updates as they happen that will benefit their social media.

Areas Covered:

FacebookStories and Posts
InstagramStories and Posts
LinkedInPersonal and Business Pages
TwitterPosting and Periscope
Content CreationContent Scheduling


YouTube, Pinterest and Google My Business is also covered.

This retainer means that clients can then contact me by email or by phone for short calls I can devote my time to them and respond to any queries.  If however, I need to designate any extra time or need to visit or meet the client again – a discounted rate is arranged.

We arrange between us a weekly update chat – via phone or Zoom as required and chat about what we want to see each week and plans for the following week.

Who is the Accountability Package For?

  • This would suit beginners and intermediate people who may have felt overwhelmed after attending a group course (of mine or anyone elses) and can get targeted support as a follow up.
  • Business owners that are already competant but find goal setting and completing towards targets hard to do!
  • Project Managers who are planning for an event and need to get a second pair of hands in bringing the vision to life.

There is no trick or anything hidden to this.  If you know someone who would be interested in this kind of support then ask them to contact me.

Prices start from €200 (after original meet up), contact me for further details



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