Claim Your Name! (Vanity URL)

Link your Platforms STOMP

What do I mean by Claim Your Name?  Simply put, I mean, you need to be vain.  Hey, that rhymes 🙂

As you may have noticed from my recent posts, I have been very busy networking recently and the coming two months are heavily committed to doing a lot more (more to follow, please check my Events section to see where I am going to be).  When I meet people and the conversation flows and the essential spark is there for a connection then I always exchange business cards and suggest we should connect via social media.  Most of the time people swap cards and all is well, I then reach the end of the week and then look through the cards I have been given to connect with people.

Most business cards will have name, position, address, website and phone number/email address of course.  But very few go on to explain what social media they are on.  I make the assumption that their social media can be found on their website but sadly that is not always the case.  If you go to the trouble of having social media – it is a must that it gets mentioned on your website.  It’s recommended that you actually link all of them to each other if you can (show your other platforms on each one).

Link your Platforms STOMP

Finally, if I can’t find them on the website I use the trusty Google Search.  Did you know 97% of people in Ireland use Google?  However, the odd few won’t be found again very easily and this is down to not doing the “claim your name” part.

Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn give you the chance to personalise your pages by offering you Vanity URL’s. This means that you can make the page URL for your business a name instead a long list of unrecognisable numbers. There are various ways I could impart these to you, but the actual “helps” say it as well as I do, so please find the links below if you want to claim yours!

Facebook Vanity URL

Google+ Vanity URL

LinkedIn Vanity URL

Once you have completed these it means you show up faster in search’s for your business, you put them on all of your promotional leaflets, business cards, etc and even just tell people over the telephone that much easier.

If you need any help with any of this, please do not hesitate to contact me.