Communication is Key

communication is key with STOMP

I have been pondering how to communicate with my clients and it seems to be quite a dilemma.  So much depends on the type of experience my client has with the varying types of communication there is out there.  It might just be necessary to do a crash course in some of the basics in Skype, Facebook Messenger, Email and even MSN Messenger.

All of these mediums are FREE so its just the initial set up and making sure it meets your privacy requirements and then just a bit of a crash course in how to use it. The key to communication is to be make it very easy to access and of course to understand.  Communication is fundamental to business.  You need the end user to communicate what they want, when they want it and how they want it.  You would need to know how to get this information from your client in order to give them what they want but how do you do it?

Some people use just their website and email.  This is fine, most people have access to computers or iPhones these days and this is a good way to communicate.  However, it can at times be slower.  Things can be lost in translation too.  Some people write in punctuated sentences and this can be mistaken for abruptness, others want to convey a lot of information and aren’t sure how to say it or put it across and can come across as unclear.  Sadly we all make our impressions on the first occasion we communicate with one another and this could potentially hamper a successful working relationship.

Skype is definitely becoming a lot more popular these days.  You can pay for a premium Skype  experience which can give you better quality visuals and conferencing and large businesses find this invaluable, but smaller businesses or for personal use can normally cope with the FREE version adequately.

There is the Messengers too (MSN and Facebook) which give instant responses, but again only good if you can both type fast and accurately, which not everyone can.  It is a useful media however when you want a fast response to a query.

Finally there is the old fashioned Face-to-Face.  For my business I find this vital certainly at the beginning of the working relationship.  It is important to understand exactly what the client wants and how they want their business promoted and what media they feel would be appropriate to use as well.  I will then go through the ones that I feel would be worth looking into and between us we can coordinate a plan of action and get started.

Once I have established Facebook Pages/Group page and LinkedIn etc, I then stay on as Admin for as long as the client needs to get the hang of their chosen media.  Alternatively I can be sent a weekly email with images etc  (from the client) and do the updating myself and make sure I respond or post relevant content on a daily basis in order to keep up interest and views on their pages.

So much can be learnt by using the correct medium for communication!