Networking – Not the Internet!

Networking is vital to make your business have a face
The importance of talking to the right people cannot be underestimated

Many businesses forget the importance of Networking in todays fast moving times.  It’s still vital to be a “face” for your audience.  However, the mere thought of placing yourself “out there” can be quite daunting too, especially if your motivation is to simply get the job done.  There is of course huge value in having an Internet presence, but do you find it annoying when trying to contact a business that you are passed to a another number to dial on the telephone, or another screen on the laptop?

When ever I get the chance to speak to a human I always opt for “0” on the keypad.  You feel better heard and understood when talking to someone else.

I will hope to impress the importance of Networking on all my clients, in whatever sector.  It does not have to be in major Conferences, breakfast meetings or Trade Shows either.  Depending on your sector or business it could just be Car Boot Sales (Arts & Crafts, Jams & Preserves) to Wedding Fairs (Magicians).

The public like tangible contact with a business.  Sometimes they prefer to gauge your reaction to their queries and be able to monitor your responses.  I am not suggesting that this would be a large part of your business either, as the saying goes “time is money” but with that same reference, if you don’t make time, you won’t make money.

This was the last day of my Start Your Own Business course that I was doing with Wicklow Enterprise Board.  Some excellent advice and information from leaders in the industry.  I will make it my mission to build on their advice and support and hope to provide the same to clients in the near future.